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I had to move this page off the main page because I'm trying to expand it and wanted to keep the main page cleaner.
Here's a list of pages that I'm trying to compile building tips on:

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  • Cool Mods!  (rudder trim, seat adjustment, overhead vents, and more!)
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Standard Disclaimer:  The ideas, concepts, maintenance procedures and tips within this site may not be considered acceptable, and have come from a variety of potentially unreliable sources.  As with any do-it-yourself project, building an airplane and doing the maintenance is an "at your own risk" undertaking.  Treat any information you find on this page and on the web in general with caution and know that you alone are responsible for the safety of your airplane, and the maintenance performed.   Although the ideas posted here were put out with the concept of increased safety in mind, there are no guarantees.  (Hey, it's 2006, what's a guy to do)