My Antenna Choices

Some people have asked what I'm using for Antennas, so I thought I'd list them here.  I decided to get most of my antennas from Comant.  I'm sure that other ones are great too, but I just trusted the reputation I guess.  The exception is the Bob Archer wingtip NAV antenna.  Those are supposed to be pretty good.  I only used one of them because I actually have heard of a case or two of the signal being shadowed by the airframe if that wing is away from the station, and I didn't want to do anything to compromise my #1 NAV.  Also, it is best not to use a splitter, as each antenna gets only a portion of the available signal if you do that.

What I have are:

Here's a picture of my Bob Archer Nav (Left Side Antenna)   My first impression is:  If you have a little scrap metal around, and the plans for the antenna, save yourself the cash and just build the thing.  It's WAAAAY simple looking to build.

So that's my complete package.  Yes, I have exposed antennas and may look like a porcupine, but I totally expect nothing but the best in performance.

Here are some antenna documents:

Antenna Grounding
Antenna Installation
GPS Antenna Installation
Comant Suggested Antenna Locations for RV's (Thanks Michael Sausen!)
Bob Archer Nav antenna Install Instructions  (.zip)  or much smaller but nicer 4-page .TIF HERE