Panel Layout and Equipment Tips
For the record let me state that I don't consider myself an "expert" at panel layout.  That said, I did accept a lot of advice from some who are true experts, and through feedback and tips from others I feel I have learned a lot that may be good to share.  I will include alternative philosophies by others on this page if you take the time to write a detailed document up for posting.

Design and Layout concepts of a functional panel
Possibilities in Equipment Choice Combinations - Coming Soon
Tim's post-flying panel initial equipment write-up
My Panel Image Photos for Templating a Design
Glareshield Cover

Glareshield Cover
I found that my glareshield had a lot of reflection on my windshield, even with flattened paint. You really need that glareshield to be a dark color. After perusing the Lancair list for a while I saw that UltraSuede was a popular product, and some people also choose leather.  I decided to go with a suede product, but not Ultrasuede the brand. Abby from Flightline interiors carries Texsuede 1000 that works well for 1/2 the price.