RV-10 Options (not included) and other key items to buy
updated 8/21/08
This is an incomplete list of items not included in the purchase of the RV-10 kit from Van's, both optional items, and misc. supplies that a builder would need.  Trust me when I say....after buying your airframe kits, engine, and avionics, there is not one single builder who won't spend multiple THOUSANDS of dollars on other required items as well, including seat belts, and many many more things that you will absolutely need.  Take these into account when building, to prepare any wiring and hose routing, and also budget for them.  Any supplier links would be great if you have them.  Sorry there isn't a list of individual thank-you's for the contributors.  These tips aren't all mine, they came from the good people of the RV10 Matronics List    If you copy this page to your PC, you may wish to save the actual HTML file, otherwise the website addresses won't show up if you use text format.

Part / Supply Vendors Used For... Notes
Lighting systems

Duckworks - HIDS
GS Air Strobes
Aerovisions - HIDS
Perihelion Design
Sartek - HID Bulbs
Airplane Gear
Nav Lights, Landing/Taxi Lights,
Panel Lights, Strobes, Wig-Wags.
No lighting is included.  I went with Duckworks HIDS for landing lights.  Also look into EL luminescent strips for cockpit lighting.  I may not do these due to the small potential for electronic noise, but LED Lighting should be perfect for cockpit lighting.   By going with HID Landing Lights, and LED Nav lights, many amps of draw could be saved during night flying...increasing your range should you have an alternator fail.   For EL Wiring: http://www.e-lite.com , http://www.elwirecheap.com , http://www.luxurylighting.net

One Possibility: Ameri-King AK-450 ELT
Altitude Encoder ACK
I'm getting the ACK A30.8
Seat Belts

Hooker Harness
Crow Enterprises
Alpha Aviation

Seat Belts are not included.  Pick your color.
Or other Misc. Suppliers

You probably want to make sure to get an RG battery.  I've use the Concorde RG35AXC in the past and it is a great battery.  I think an Odessy sounds great for me in my -10.
Epoxy and Hardner

Wingtips, Canopy, Doors ... all fiberglass parts Quantity (2) of 105-A (1qt resin) and (2) 205-A (fast hardner),
(1) 300 Mini Pump Set A, (1) 403 Microfibers, (1) 406 Colloidal Silica, (1) 410 Microlight. My total was ~ $125.
Use 406 for Thickening (white)
Use 410 Brown Power Mix like Bondo for Filler
Get the books from WestSystem, and the stuff from dealers.
Use 206A (slow hardner) when doing the doors. Fast is <15 minute pot life, slow is close to 30min.

** Note: I used 80-85% of one can of 105A+206A for doing just the doors. See my write up on doors for more info.
Structural Filler
Aircraft Spruce
Door Bonding / Cabin top
Also called "Milled Fiber"
Cab-o-Sil is a colloidal Silical epoxy structural filler and thickner.  You need to use some when bonding the doors.   I don't know much about this brand, but if you use the WestSystem stuff (see above), you will substitue the 406 Colloidal Silica for this.  That West System stuff is awesome!
Structural Filler

For the Cabin Top.
Plans call for Milled Fiber.   See "Cab-o-Sil", and West System Expoy (Above)
SmoothPrime Aircraft Spruce All Fiberglass Parts - Not required, but recommended. UVSmoothPrime is a PolyFiber product used in finishing thes mooth surfaces of your fiberglass parts.  It's a pinhole filler that gets rolled or sprayed on, and you then sand the area smooth.  It rolls on like very thick house paint, and dries very hard in a short time.  Don't use it too thick, but using it should help get your parts very smooth in areas that require only light filling.
Engine Area

Polyester Resin

Used on Wingtips
Per Bob C., you can use Epoxy for everything if you wish.
Can use epoxy on polyester parts but not the other way around.
Fiberglass Cloth

Aircraft Spruce
Local Suppliers
Finishing tips from tailcone kit and wingtips

E-Glass Cloth Aircraft Spruce Windshield Fairing E-Glass is needed for doing the Windshield fairing and is not included with the finishing kit.  It is used with Epoxy, NOT Polyester Resin, to finish the front of the windshield.  *Tip: Some builders tint their epoxy with charcoal powder, or black toner, to make it black.  7-9 oz. cloth.
Per Scott Schmidt: http://scottandranae.smugmug.com/gallery/518426/2/22210526/Large
p/n: 01-06705  (About $30)  4" width
Window Sealant/glue

VANS For attaching Windows
5 total kits (1 for each window) of 4 oz bottles of Weld-On 10 required to install windows.  About $12 each.  Order to arrive with the finishing kit.
Headliner Material

Your local Auto interior shop.
Perfect Fit - Portland, OR
Your aircraft fabric supplier
To line the ceiling of fiberglass top
Size Required: (Per Randy #006)
80" x what ever the width comes in ( about 63")
See: This Link
Here's a link to my info on headliner
** Note: The best headliners to date are the 2 Colorado -10's...wish I'd have done that. Don't buy 1/4" material, use 1/8" if you're using foam.
Glareshield Material Flightline Interiors Covering the dash panel You need a little less than a yard of 56" width fabric to cover your glareshield. Abby from Flightline has leathers or what I used was Texsuede 1000 that works excellent for cutting any glare and reflection on your windshield.


Tanks and Elevator, V-Stab, and Aileron and Flap Trailing Edges

Pitot Mount / Pitot Tube

Gretz Aero
Aircraft Spruce
If you want a nice heated pitot.
At Aircraft Spruce, Search for "Homebuilders Pitot", also AN5812.
I installed the Gretz mount and bought the Gretz GA-1000 Pitot.  The mount was great to install.  I moved it out 2 or 3 bays, just inside the first bay from the wingtip, in bay #2 from the outside.  Much nicer location than standard. (See my write-up)
Pitot Static Tubing
Pitot System Plastic 1/4" tubing, and "T"-fittings.  Need a "T" for joining static ports.
Static Ports

Cleaveland Tool
Evans Aviation
Nicer looking Static Ports Van's static ports uses pop-rivets.  For nicer looking ports, buy from Cleaveland.  Cheap and Easy.
MK-319-BS Rivets

VANS Wherever you can't get good access for an AN426-3 rivet.
You'll want a good 50 or 100 of these.  An assortment I bought for fixing screwups is a couple of each of these:  CR3212-4-2, AK-42H, CR3212-4-3, AACQ-4-3.  This gives kind of an assortment of countersunk pop rivets to fit various sized holes that you may oversize by accident.
OOOPS! Rivets
VANS For when you mess up an AN426AD3
Buy maybe $3-4 worth of each: NAS1097AD4-3.5, NAS1097AD4-4, NAS1097AD4-5, NAS1097AD4-6    Get them before you start your project!
Extra AN3 & AN4
VANS Pre-Assembly
Spend a few extra bucks and look ahead in the plans where you'll do attachments, such as ailerons, flaps and more.  Buy some extra hardware for your pre-assembly so your locknuts and bolts are still in top shape for final assembly.

Wire for all over the place. Autopilots, lighting, and more.
At Wiremasters, ask for Deb Sullivan.  Their prices are by far the best for your original bulk purchase of wire.
Electrical Connectors

Used in doing autopilot servos, Wing root wing wiring disconnects (use AMP CPC Circular there), and many more places.  SteinAir is a good place for tools for these connectors, as well as B&C.
Baggage Door Lock
Aircraft Spruce
Baggage Door
The Baggage Door Lock is not included in the kit.  Van's P/N: ES-A-510-2K   It's sold along with the mag switch as a unit.  You can probably get it without a mag switch from Aircraft Spruce.  Industrial/Auto supply places also sell these things, per another RV-10 List member.
Fabric / Vinyl and Interiors

Flightline Interiors
Cleaveland Tool
Side Walls / Doors / Seats
No material is included for side walls, headliner, or doors.  The fiberglass top and doors require a lot of filling to make them smooth if you just paint them.  A covering would be easier, and maybe less noisy.  Flightline interiors offers an entire Seat, interior, and headliner package that is the most complete available.  Also available is embroidery on the seats and the "Experimental" sign above the door or on the back panels.
Seat Coverings

Flightline Interiors
Cleaveland Tool
Front Seat Covers required.   Rear Seat foam and covers not included.  Some are considering Heated Seats.  Flightline interiors offers an entire Seat, interior, and headliner package that is the most complete available.  Also available is embroidery on the seats and the "Experimental" sign above the door or on the back panels.
Aileron Pushrod Bellows Flightline Interiors Seals the aileron pushrod fuselage hole Some people like to put a pushrod bellows on their control pushrods to keep the cold air out.  Abby from Flightline has these for the RV-10.
Structural Filler

See "Cab-o-Sil", and West System Expoy
For the Cabin Top.
Plans call for Milled Fiber.
Fuel Pump / Fuel Scan

Originally thought to be in FWF kit depending on engine.  New information says they're not.
Snap Bushings /
Grommets /


Some ar provided.  Probably good to order a couple dozen extras of various sizes for certain parts.  SteinAir also has many, and cheap from what I hear.  Conduit from Van's is great.  Steinair has great nylon wire wrap.
Master / Starter Relays

Originally thought to be in FWF Kit.   New information says they're not.
Fuel Tank Sender
VANS Left and Right Tanks
Senders are not included.  Use parts: IEF-385B (Left) and IEF-385C (Right).  Best to label them left and right as soon as you get them.  You do NOT want to install them in the wrong wing.  Capacitive not available at time of writing.

Aircraft Spruce

Nav / LOC / Com / GPS / DME / Marker Beacon..... Hey, how 'bout my ADF? :)   Great write-up here: http://www.rvproject.com/archer.html
on the Bob Archer antenna.  Another good info spot here: Archer (Wheeler Express page)
Weather Strip

Baggage Door
1/4" x 1/8" weather strip
"Eyeball" Vents VANS
Aircraft Spruce
Front Seat Vents The eyeball vents are not included.  You do get the NACA air inlets, but not the actual vents, so if you want to be able to shut off the air, buy youself some.  Available in Aluminum or plastic.  Aluminum is about 8X the price.
Tie-Down Eyelits

I think it's 3/8" threaded.  Will need 3.
Rudder Cable Fairings

Avery Tools - Maybe
Nice looking way to cover your rudder cable exits.
See: http://freedomflyers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62
See: http://home.hiwaay.net/~sbuc/journal/fuse8.html
See: http://www.rvproject.com/20030209.html
I got mine from Aircraft Spruce.  2 for inside the cabin, 2 for outside.  May need 2 more when doing the elevator trim cable exits.
Autopilot Servos

TruTrak Flight Systems

TruTrak Servos best purchased from reseller, NOT direct.  Cheaper that way.  Try http://www.steinair.com, http://www.rvtraining.com, http://www.vansaircraft.com or others.  Elevator servo in tail not needed until fuselage comes.  Roll servo in Left Wing would best be installed before doing wing bottom skins.  I can link to other brands, but TruTrak is what I chose.
Flap Positioner System (Switch)
Aircraft Extras

From Niko: The optional Flap positioner switch (ON)-OFF-(ON). Vans grip mounted switch is ON-OFF-(ON). So if one wants gets the optional Flap Positioner system they would need a different grip switch than the one Vans sells.
Aileron Trim Kit VANS
For Trimming plane for Heavy Wing The RV-10 is not standard with Aileron or Rudder Trim.  There are a couple types availabe, and Jesse Saint has the AeroTrim.  Van's sells the Aileron trim for approx. $275.
Rudder Trim DIY Trim
Aero Trim
Trims out rudder at various airspeeds A highly recommended option is adding Rudder Trim for your RV-10 if you're intending lots of X/C flights.
Trim Relays Matronics Governor
Aircraft Extras
Ray Allen
For controling multiple sticks for trim If you want to have both sticks control trim, or more than one trim switch, you'll want a relay system.  Lots of options available here, including solid-state do-it-yourself for those who are up to it.
Stick Grips Infinity
Ray Allen
CH Products
For stick controls (aileron/elevator trim, AP disconnect, CWS, flaps, lights, radio flip-flop, screen select, ... ) Stick control grips aren't included in the kit.  If you want any stick mounted electrical controls, you will need something special.  Most builders will want this.  Prices range from about $90-170 each.
Sound Proofing

Aircraft Spruce Floors / Walls
Aircraft Spruce P/N 42720.  You can use 1/4" in some places, and thicker in others.  See: http://freedomflyers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53
Use "Sticky Stuff" to glue it on.
Alodine Powder
Eldorado Chemical
Crest Industrial Chem.
Alodining Parts
Builder Choice, but I love alodined parts. Dorado Kote 1 (DK-1) 5lb pail approx $87.52.   Also Available from:  Crest Industrial Chemicals, Inc.  713-780-1828
Extended Range Fuel Tanks

Some builders want even more range out of their -10's.
Fuel Tank Test Kit
VANS Testing your Tanks
There are other ways to do this, but the kit from Van's is cheap and would be easy.  DON'T test your tanks for at least a few days after completing them...you'll blow holes in the proseal that hasn't cured!
Fuel Selector
Andair - UK

Included in kit, but some prefer different design.  See my site for more information on what some consider a great improvement to the fuel system.
Throttle Quadrant
Van's finally came out with THIS Throttle Control. CT 10-3 QUADRANT KIT - $475 at time of writing.
Fire Extinguisher

Probably want to consider grabbing a HALON one if possible.
Engine Suppliers

Too Many To List

Hartzell: C2YR-1BF/F8068D  (Blended Airfoil)
MT: MTV-12-B/193-53
Ignition System

E-Mag (better would be P-Mag) was not avail. in 6-cyl at time of writing.
Keyswitch / Baggage Locks Aircraft Spruce Baggage Door Locks
or ignition switch
Door Locks Coss Aviation
Henkjan's Locks

See this link for Coss Aviation
See this link for Henkjan van der Zouw's Locks
Some people have also used the standard baggage door locks as above and used them to jam the main mechanism on the door and function as a lock.
Avery Tools
Cleaveland Tool
The Yard Store

I've heard Cleaveland and Avery are the nicest tool places.  Others may be good too.  I found the Yard Store by far the best pricing on things like spare countersink bits, rivet sets of various sizes, dimple dies, and things like that.  BUY EXTRA CLECOS!
Aircraft Spruce Builder Preference on internal surfaces
I won't even try to list them all, but I used Akzo from Aircraft spruce and found it nice, economical, and tough.
Aircraft Extras

See Also: Matronics Yeller Pages
Other Tools
Harbor Freight
Various Suppliers
For General Construction
Air Compressor (I love my VT6271 from Campbell-Hausfeld...BUY DIRECT), Bench Grinder, Drill Press, Bandsaw, Palm Sander (for scuffing skins with scotchbrite), Die Grinder (with Cutoff Wheels), Belt Sander, Dremel Tool, Sanding Drums for Drill, Drill Press, and Dremel Tool.  Extra Scotchbrite 1" and 2" wheels for Die Grinder (Avery)
Fuel/Oil Hoses / AN Fittings Summit Racing
and many others
Any AN fittings and oil/fuel lines One of the areas that has really improved over the original design is in the fuel selector and fuel line area.  The per-plans fuel lines are rigid, hard to run, and much harder to route and fit.  As it turns out, High Performance auto and racing supply shops LOVE Aeroquip and other AN fittings, that are of the same 37o style as what we use...and they have a better selection at better prices in most cases.
CO Monitor CO Guardian
You definitely want some sort of Carbon Monoxide Monitor in your cabin.
Check this link for install info.
U-1004B Axle Extension Replacements Various Suppliers Prevents damage to wheel fairings Check this link for more info.
Overhead Concole Accuracy Avionics For ventilation, lighting, and more One of the things I'd do if I were building again would be to install an overhead console that has a tunnel all the way back to the tailcone.  This gives the possibility of overhead ventilation and lighting, and would make a great place to mount overhead accessories.
Rudder Trim
Varous Methods
To provide a means of trimming the yaw out of the completed airplane.
When you complete your RV-10, you will most likely not have a plane that is trimmed in yaw.  When you fly on long x/c trips, if you want the plane to fly level, you will want the plane in trim.  Holding your foot on the pedal is an option, but gets tiring after a while.  There are various methods of rudder trim, including fixed tabs and blocks, which will take out a lot of the out-of-trim condition but not allow fine tuning, or, methods of adjustable trim, including spring bias systems and electric adjustable tabs.  See HERE for more info.
Air Conditioning
Flightline AC
Airflow Systems
ArcticAir Portable AC
Keeping cool if you live in hot areas
While for most builders, the fast climb rate of the RV-10 will be sufficient to get them away from the low altitude heat, some will long for an a/c system for their plane.  For the occasional need, I think Arctic Air is an awesome choice.
APRS and GPS Trackers
APRS: Byonics.com
GPS/Satellite: Findmespot.com
IFR: Flightaware.com
To allow others to keep track of your flight's progress
Many users are installing or buying trackers for their families to follow them on flights. Flightaware isn't constant and consistent, but tracks you under radar coverage during IFR flight.  APRS requires an easy-to-obtain HAM radio licence, but gives awesome tracking for no subscription fee.  Spot messenger gives 10min updates with wide coverage areas via satellite, but requires an approx. $150/yr service charge, and has no external antenna.  Check this link for more info.
Various methods
To provide in-flight video recordings of flights
Some people choose to install things like vertical stabilizer fairing mounted video cameras to tape their flights.  Plan ahead if you want to do something like this, or running wires will be complicated later.
TV's and Entertainment
Various methods
To provide entertainment for
your passengers
Many builders are installing things like small LCD displays and systems for watching movies, both portable and fixed.  I find that the Creative Zen Vision 60GB system is a great starting point for storing movies (if you plan to watch them only while under 10,000') and feed this into a portable video splitter that feeds two portable seatback screens.  There are many methods of doing this, but plan ahead if you do any built-in systems.
Oxygen Systems
Various suppliers
The RV-10 cruises well between 10k and 15k feet, but you need Oxygen
There are too many systems to mention, but notables are Mountain High's built-in electronic system for those who need O2 most of their flights, to small portables for only occasional use.  I use the PreciseFlight portable but use their more comfortable cannulas that come with their demand conservers that are non-electrical.  Do your research, but plan ahead if you want a built-in system.  More info HERE.
CO Monitors
CO Guardian and others
To provide CO safety
You definitely want some sort of CO monitoring and alerting.  Some systems even interface with your other systems!
Axle Extensions
Various suppliers
Because doing it per-plans may come with a safety penalty
The standard Van's axle extensions that hold the wheel fairings outboard side are a commonly broken piece of equipmetn.  The design stinks, plain and simple.  Especially if you fly off grass at all, invest in a pair of extensions before you either wreck your fairings, or even your wings.  More info HERE.
Sun Visors
Rosen Visors
BlueSky from ATP
There's a lot of window in the RV-10, and you'll want some shade
There are 2 primary visor options....Rosen and BlueSky.  The Rosens are about twice the price, weigh more, and take a little larger and more numerous mounting holes.  The Blue Sky are lighter, more easily moved, take only a very small single mounting hole, and are much cheaper.  But, explore them both.  HERE is more info.
Overhead Console
Various methods
Helps a lot with overhead vents and lighting options, and wires
One thing I'd do, if I were doing it all over again, is add an overhead console.  Some people roll their own, and some buy an aftermarket one, but definitely if you want overhead ventilation, lighting, or entertainment wiring, look into them before you mount your cabin top...as you'll want to do this job while the cabin top is upside down.  More obsolete info HERE.
Oil Quick-Drain
Various methods
To provide easier oil changes
Most will install an oil quick drain.  Nope, they don't usually come with your engine.  More info HERE on one option.
Parking Brake
Various methods
If you often park on slopes
Many builders could care less, but if you frequent areas where you park on slopes, you may want one.  HERE is some info on an install of one.

Here's a site that was sent to me that shows a guy's total expense list: http://www.mstewart.net/michael/rv/