Rudder Trim for the RV-10

Many people have talked about wanting to add rudder trim to the RV-10.  I myself have found that it would be a nice thing to have sometimes.  I do have a static trim block on the rudder, which works great at one speed in normal cruise, but during climb and descent, or at higher speed cruise, it just isn't perfect.  Shown here is probably the nicest, cleanest rudder trim design I've seen, done by Vic Syracuse.  He used a standard Mac trim servo, and a piece of hinge riveted to his trailing edge.  The phots should be very self explanatory.  The servo itself is just attached to the cover plate, which is attached to the rudder side skin.  It is all very simple looking.  The hardest part would likely be getting the wires routed.

** New 11/4/2007: I have finally added this Rudder Trim Mod to my RV-10.  See this link for the write-up.  I also added the Safety-Trim controller, that I highly recommend for use with the elevator and rudder trim.


Vic sent me the following info on this rudder trim mod, for those who are interested:

    This should be sufficient along with the photos to be able to duplicate this, but if you really get stuck, you can call him at 404-307-5133.

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