Static Wicks for the RV-10

The following helpful bit of information was provided by John Kirkland, another RV-10 builder #40333 (N540XP) who works for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.   

Static Wick Placement for the RV-10

General thoughts on Static Wicks that John sent me:

Aircraft Spruce sells them for $51, John got his online from for $37.50 with free shipping.

Some good wicks are:  Dayton Granger 16165.  Don't use the cheap SW96-10 wicks that Chief Aircraft sells for $20, these are an antiquated technology that's still around to support antiquated certificated aircraft.

Additonal Comments from John Cox - A&P:

"To support what I learned in A&P school, wicks should be on the outer most and most distant points from the aircraft centerline to properly dissipate the stored electron charge. The charge passing through hinge points will need appropriate braided bonding straps to create a most (more) effective alternate path. Otherwise, crystallized bearing points develop at the control surface connection with the appendage.  And as this photos show, the Dayton sketch missed one of these important installation points. Low and AFT most below the marker light. The RV-10s most aft point is not only at the top of the rudder.