Pitot Tubes

Finding a heated pitot tube is getting harder and harder these days....  Currently, you don't have very many good cheap choices.

SteinAir - They are offering a heated pitot now listed as AN-5812 standard size.  8A @ 12V for $465.00    This is my current choice in pitots given today's market.

Gretz Aero - Gretz Aero finally released it's GA-1000 pitot early this July 2005.  Pricing is said to be expected to be in the $375 range, but I'm not sure if final pricing is posted yet.  To people who were on the waiting list, previously quoted pricing applied.  I placed my order within a couple of hours of the notice of availability, so I'm likely the first person to have one in-hand.   They also offer an excellent pitot mount kit, that ships quickly, installs easily, and should work great.   Do buy some spare .063 or .125 AL angle to have on hand for the install though.

Aircraft Spruce - They offer the "Homebuilders" heated Pitot Tube, for $464.95 (12V version).   I've heard a couple of  negative stories about it's durability, however.  They also offer the AN5812 Pitot Tube, for $1135 in 12V version.  (AN5812-12)

Aero Instruments - They now offer a PH502 Heated pitot. P/N PH502-12CR.  This info courtesy of John Cox.

Gretz GA-1000 Heated Pitot

Here are pictures of my components as shipped.   I have not yet opened any of the plastic bags.  The system comes with a Pitot, made with a non-metallic compound.  It has internal temperature sensing, and instead of heating to 300-400 degrees
at a constant power draw, this pitot will maintain it's external temperature at 100 degrees.  It is on/off thermostatically controlled by it's own circuitry, and comes with indicated LED's for remote mounting that will indicate the status of the pitot.  It will tell you if it's heating, faulted, or idle.  If this heated pitot works as described, it should be a great way to have a heated pitot that will save lots of draw on your electrical system, and prevent itself from burning out if you accidently leave it on.  During the warmer seasons, even if it were on, it would do nothing but sit idle.

Cosmetically, it's not bad.  It's a dark grey pitot, not something you can paint.  If you're into the chrome look, you'll have to both pay more, and suffer with more power draw.