Vendor Links - These Vendors are ones I've used personally and had good experiences with. My Vendors
  • Stein Air - Awesome Panel builder and Parts Supplier! (and a real stand-up guy of an owner)
See My Panel

See My Panel
My Seats/Interior
My Engine
My Autopilot
My Prop

My Lights
  • Aircraft Specialty - Top Quality braided Teflon hoses, engraving, tools, and many more items to make your build easier!
My Hoses
My Tools
My Ignition
My Strobe Pack
My Alternator
My O2 System

My Pitot

Call Richard Fowler

My CO Monitor
My Exhaust
My WX System
My Battery
My Antenna Choices
My Seat Belts
My FI system

My Stickgrip
My Trim Controller

Other Vendors and Links (Vendors I have no firsthand experience with)

  • Base Leg Aviation - DAR / Flight Testing / Avionics & Upholstery service by Vic Syracuse