My RV10 Tools and Work Area

Lots of tools from Avery and Cleaveland, and some from the
Yardstore, a great discount tool place.

For workbench plans see the link below.

A spectacular compressor from Campbell Hausfeld.  220V and about 10.4cfm @ 90psi.  I think it's a VT-6271.  Costs about $375
purchased direct from CH.

Couple of workbenches.  One 8' and one 4'.  Should be long enough to do the Hstab, and can be spread to do wider sections.

For a good set of plans for building such tables, refer to my modified version of the EAA Chapter 1000 plans.
Take a peek HERE.

LOTS of clecos.  I think I have about 750 3/32" size, and about 250 1/8" size.

$109 62" x 12" bandsaw from Harbor Freight.  Looks like it'll work just great.

A nice little 1" belt sander that was on sale for about $39 at Harbor.

A cheap $25 Menards grinder with a scotchbrite wheel.  The light actually comes in
pretty handy.

A big 14" steel cutting chopsaw from Harbor.  I plan to cut lots of steel in the future,
so I went big with this.

Any my old 8" drill press from Sears.  Too bad their outsourcing so much of their
technical stuff to I have to find another place to shop.  Employ American!