A Beautiful Interior By Flightline Interiors

Updated 2/16/2006 - 1564.5 approx. Total hours  (1353.2 By Me)

Updated 3/5/2006 - See HERE for some final install pics as these were preliminary prototyping photos

Today's pages added (this one and a Panel Section) are being posted together.   These shots are actually a couple weeks old already, but it took a while for me to get the time to put them up.  I've been trying to help Abby from Flightline Interiors out, since we're both in Wisconsin, by helping her get interior pieces patterned and tested for the RV-10.  She amazes me every time I see what she's come up with next.  The interior shown is basically her final interior designing for the RV-10.  There are a couple of photos of parts that aren't shown here, but you'll get a good idea of how beautiful your plane will look with her interior in it from some of these shots.  She probably has some pics up on her site too at http://www.flightlineinteriors.com.  Her design theories are very good.  She aims to make an interior that can be just put in to any completed airplane.  The RV-10 kind of screws up that plan a bit, in that the cabin top and doors really need to have a lot of cutting and work done by the builder, but the rest of the interior will take a builder only a very short time to install, and it will look very nice when it's all done.

Let me tell you, when you have your interior installed, and you're sitting in your seat looking at what appears to be a finished plane, it's a VERY awesome feeling that really impresses on you the size of the payoff you'll get by finishing your plane.  I didn't even have the equipment in the panel all wired at the time of these photos, but still it felt like I was ready to fly.

You can tell by the photos below that the kids are really liking their new traveling environment.  There are also some headrest monitors that I may try to install, along with a couple of toys...(the Creative Zen Vision...a portable 30Gb Video/MP3/Photo player with a built-in screen - AND - an iomega Screenplay portable 60Gb Video/MP3/Photo player with no screen) that I will try to hook up for our travels.  I think the 7" LCD headrest monitors will go well with the Screenplay, while the 30GB video/mp3 unit will be the pilot/copilot music and video player.  They're all nice and portable so they'll fit in the car too.

In addition to these photos, I have now received (2/10/2006) my new seat covers from Abby.  They feature a lumbar pouch, and my N-Number embroidered onto them.  Look for them in an upcoming photo set once I have my interior all installed.

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