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I'm building an RV-10 SB (Slo-Build), Having a ball! I started two other kits, (Long-ez, and Lancair 320) but halted them due to growing family (5 children) and an intensive job (CIO for fortune 500 insurer). Bought and flew a number of planes in between; PA 28-200R; V35A, and 2 B55's. Vowed that once I was retired, I'd finally build a plane myself. Well, time has arrived. We're set up in our retirement home in AZ, on the waiting list for a hanger @ DVT, and converted the 'casita' into the airplane factory. Keeping this web-site so friends and family can keep informed of just how far the Obsesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has progressed.        

This site will  chronicle my activities in building a 4 place 200 mile per hour experimental aka Homebuilt  aircraft  called an RV - 10. When complete it will look similar to the picture above. The plane is one of several designed by Richard VanGrunsven and is available in kit form from : http://www.vansaircraft.com

You can view the site one of 2 ways:

      A. Go to the Construction Log and follow the links which are keyed to the Plan Pages and Steps. Also recorded, is a detailed log of the time spent, as well as notes/comments.  
      B. Just click to the Photo Albums and wander around. There are OVER 6700 photos here ! The photos are more numerous and are larger and better quality than in the Construction Log, they are organized by Plan Section but not Step and contain no additional information or notes.


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