Section 18 - Fuel Tank Construction (Part 1)

Added 10/19/2004 - 357.9 Me Hours, 387.4 Total Hours

Tank assembly went very fast.  Some parts were deburred previously, while waiting for
parts or tools to arrive, so not every last item needed deburring during this step.
The tanks are very straightforward, although the instructions start to leave out
the detail of what needs dimpling, deburring, and countersinking.  At this point
you should be able to figure it out for yourself.  The tank attach bracket gets
countersunk, and you can basically final drill all the holes, even though the
steps don't tell you to.

For now, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

(All pics are clickable)

RV200410230001.jpg RV200410230002.jpg RV200410230003.jpg
RV200410230004.jpg RV200410230005.jpg RV200410230006.jpg
RV200410230007.jpg RV200410230008.jpg RV200410230009.jpg
RV200410230010.jpg RV200410230011.jpg RV200410230012.jpg
RV200410230013.jpg RV200410240014.jpg RV200410240015.jpg
RV200410240016.jpg RV200410240017.jpg RV200410250018.jpg
RV200410250020.jpg RV200410250021.jpg RV200410250023.jpg
RV200410310027.jpg RV200410310028.jpg RV200410310029.jpg
RV200410310030.jpg RV200410310032.jpg RV200410310033.jpg
RV200410310034.jpg RV200410310035.jpg RV200410310036.jpg
RV200410310038.jpg RV200410310039.jpg RV200410310040.jpg

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