Section 16 - Top Skin (second part)
Section 17 - Wing Outboard Leading Edge

Added 10/19/2004 - 325 Me Hours, 354 Total Hours

This period actually seemed to go pretty quick, there were again far more
days that I did NOT work on the project, than that I did work on it.
The days I got to work were usually pretty short, too.

Also included in this is the building of the wing-cradle cart.  Many people
built carts with more engineering and time involved than I did, but
mine went together in well under an hour, and does the job quite
nicely.  Plenty sturdy, and the double 2x4 10' long bottom rails will also protect
the wing from other things rolling into it, whereas a single center beam may not.
As mentioned above, I used 2 10' 2x4's for the bottom.  12' could be just fine
too, but I didn't see a need to make it any more expensive or large than necessary.

Strange things and complications this section:  Unless I measured wrong 5 or 6 times,
the notches that you have to cut in the ribs to go around the thick spar doubler
steps are not called out to be tall enough slots.  Also, LP4-3's seem to be
a little on the short side to attach the leading edge ribs to the spar on the inboard
3 ribs that get LP4-3's.

Tip Time:  Clamping the inboard end of the spar to the bench worked great to
support the wing for riveting the leading edge.  (use 2 clamps)
My first wing, I clamped it down with the top skin down, and shot all rivets.  This
took far more time than the 2nd wing.  The 2nd wing I clamped leading edge down,
and shot the top side rivets, but squeezed the bottom skin rivets.  That went
EXTREMELY fast.  Make sure you're equipped with a variety of
offset, and angled rivet sets of various lengths for your gun for 1/8" universal

Now, onto the photo tour...

(All pics are clickable)
Sanding the overlap between inner and outer skins
RV200409110007.jpg RV200409110008.jpg RV200409120010.jpg RV200409120011.jpg
Sanding overlap, dimpling skins, alodined J-stiffners
RV200409120012.jpg RV200409120013.jpg RV200409130015.jpg RV200409130016.jpg
Preparing for attaching skins, scuffing skins for priming, primed parts
RV200409130018.jpg RV200409140019.jpg RV200409140020.jpg RV200409140021.jpg
Riveting skins
RV200409140022.jpg RV200409160024.jpg RV200409200027.jpg RV200409200028.jpg

Wife's new plates

RV200409200029.jpg RV200409200030.jpg RV200409210031.jpg RV200409220033.jpg
Lots more of riveting skins
RV200409230034.jpg RV200409230035.jpg RV200409230036.jpg RV200409300001.jpg
Starting outboard leading edge assembly
RV200409300002.jpg RV200409300003.jpg RV200409300004.jpg RV200410010007.jpg

More Leading Edge

Stall-Warning Access
RV200410100008.jpg RV200410100011.jpg RV200410140001.jpg RV200410160004.jpg

Notched Ribs
Alodined Parts
Priming Gun
RV200410160005.jpg RV200410160006.jpg RV200410160007.jpg RV200410160008.jpg
Primed Parts
Garage Heat
Nutplate attach
RV200410160009.jpg RV200410160010.jpg RV200410160011.jpg RV200410160012.jpg
Leading Edge riveting
RV200410170013.jpg RV200410170015.jpg RV200410170017.jpg RV200410170018.jpg
The remaining pictures are of my wing cart, how I clamped my wing to the
bench, and the various assembly pictures of riveting the leading edge on.
RV200410170019.jpg RV200410180020.jpg RV200410180021.jpg RV200410180022.jpg
RV200410180023.jpg RV200410180024.jpg RV200410180025.jpg RV200410180026.jpg
RV200410180028.jpg RV200410180029.jpg RV200410180030.jpg RV200410180031.jpg
RV200410180032.jpg RV200410180033.jpg RV200410190001.jpg RV200410190002.jpg
RV200410190003.jpg RV200410190004.jpg RV200410190006.jpg RV200410190007.jpg
RV200410190008.jpg RV200410190009.jpg RV200410190010.jpg RV200410190011.jpg
RV200410190012.jpg RV200410190013.jpg

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