Section 15 - Wing Rear Spar
Section 16 - Top Skin (first part)

As usual, I got into another extended time period of basically no progress,
but recently I was able to kick my butt into gear and start making
progress again.  The wings are going together very nicely so far, and
although there are some things in the plans that aren't as easy to understand,
if you pay attention it isn't too bad.  I did find something to be VERY careful
of, however.  
On page 16-2, the aft wing-walk doubler has a nutplate holes
to drill.  Read ahead for the nutplate riveting and you will see that the forward
most hole in the aft wing-walk doubler is correct per plans.  I accidently drilled
mine for a standard center-threaded nutplate, whereas this gets the nutplate
with the threads on the end, with 2 rivets side by side.  I did mine wrong, so
I'll either have to match holes with whatever fairing goes into that spot, or
I'll have to put the proper nutplate on, and just fill that hole with filler
after I rivet it.  Unfortunately I caught it after countersinking to #8 screw
size, or it wouldn't have been quite as bad.  You'll never see it when I'm done
though.  Also be careful not to countersink too far aft while countersinking your
wing-walk area.  I have one extra countersink right above the rear spar.  No problem
here though...just one spot that I don't have to dimple.  And I was moving so
smoothly today too...

The wing skins go on very quickly.  Doesn't take too long to cleco them all on,
and final drill the skins.  The deburring is going to be a pain though.

(All pics are clickable)

RV200408260001.jpg RV200408260002.jpg RV200408260003.jpg
Cleco Ribs to For. Spar
Van's Conduit installed
My Squeeze acting up
RV200408280004.jpg RV200408280005.jpg RV200408280015.jpg

My Elves
RV200408280016.jpg RV200408280018.jpg RV200409040001.jpg
Rear Spars on
New Ceiling Air Supply
Both Rear Spars on
RV200409040003.jpg RV200409040005.jpg RV200409050006.jpg

Doublers in Place
Alodined for priming
RV200409060007.jpg RV200409060010.jpg RV200409060011.jpg
Assemble Rear Spar
Primed Parts
More parts
RV200409060012.jpg RV200409060014.jpg RV200409060015.jpg

RV200409060016.jpg RV200409060018.jpg RV200409060019.jpg

Still Clecoing Spar

RV200409060021.jpg RV200409060022.jpg RV200409060023.jpg
Spar Installed
Another Helper
Aileron and Flap Brkts.
RV200409060024.jpg RV200409060025.jpg RV200409060026.jpg

Top Skin Going On
RV200409060027.jpg RV200409060028.jpg RV200409060029.jpg
Other Top Skin
Bottom of Wing

RV200409060030.jpg RV200409060031.jpg RV200409060032.jpg
End View

Back of other wing
RV200409060034.jpg RV200409060036.jpg RV200409060037.jpg
New Plates
Final Drilling Skin
Skin On
RV200409060039.jpg RV200409060040.jpg RV200409060042.jpg
Miss countersink - Oh Well

RV200409060043.jpg RV200409060044.jpg
Done for the Day

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