Rear Seats, Rudder Pedal Endcaps, Baggage Door

Added 6/9/2005 - No Hour Report

The rear seats were a straightforward build.  I made a mistake straight off....the plans call for .063 angle on the horizontal seat angles, but .125 on the verticals.  I cut all of mine from .125.  Lucky I had a spare 6' piece of .125 angle around, so there would have been no impact...ordered another one immediately as a spare.   The only twist to the rear seats that I did was this....and I don't know if I'd do it over again or seems to be fine.   I put my round head on the back of the seat, with the shop head facing forward into the cushions.  After riveting, I took a squeezer with 2 squeezer sets of 1/8" round head and re-squeezed all the rivets.  That gives the shop head a rounded bead look, so it's less sharp.  I don't anticipate they'll hurt the cushions, but if I get my seats and I question the durability, I'll just lay a protective strip over the shop heads or something.

I worked on the plastic endcaps for the rudder pedals but didn't install the pedals since I wanted to paint that area first and leave the pedals white.  I also fabricated the elevator pushrods front and mid...nothing unusual there.  I primed all my parts, including the back of the rudder pedals.  Current plan is to keep the front side polished and not paint them.  May just go with a non-skid coating later.  Another builder used flush rivets, which would also be a great idea in my opinion.

The baggage door went together easily, but isn't 100% perfect.  The hinge attach went great, but the problem is, either the door gets a twist from dimpling, or during riveting, because the top of my door was slightly out from the body, and the bottom rear corner was slightly too far inset.  This is without a gasket installed though, so that may change later.  One other builder actually had his upper bar in the middle of his door sandwhich take a bowed appearance to it and it didn't line up straight to the longeron.  So, the moral is, be careful and try to keep things straight.

You may want to make sure that by this time you've ordered your ignition comes with 2 baggage lock sets and keys.  You don't need to install those until later if you want though.  Also, don't get confused as I did with the short reach of the door lock....there is another one that comes with the hardware bags that you have to use.


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