LoPresti Cowl and Cooling Seminar

This info was provided by John Cox with the following note:
"A key point is the LoPresti Poor Boy Tufting process to read cowl pressure corrections without the time and expense of Tufting. They take a quart of Turbine oil and mix it with a quart of engine oil and add black toner cartridge carbon to make a spray able solution.  It looks like shit but can be sprayed with a cheap garden sprayer and washed off with degreaser.  It allows the project coordinator to read the lines of backflow, high and low pressure more easily."

Now, on to the info...


What Makes an Inlet Good?

Yes, we really will tell you….

Inlet Diffusers

Control and direct incoming air

Inlet Position

Determining factor in gathering maximum pressure

Cowl Flaps

(Why you WANT them)

Inlet Performance

What you see is NOT what you get

LoPresti Cowls

Exit Sizing

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