Accuracy Avionics Overhead Console

These photos were taken by Larry Rosen at Sun-N-Fun 2006.  They are available on his site here, also:

Below I'll also include his Sun-N-Fun 2006 Commentary, which is also excellent.


It was great to get down to Sun-N-Fun.  In the past there was not much there and one day was enough, but now that I am building the two days was just not enough.  Too much to do and see.  You can see some of my photos here <>.

There were 3 customer built RV-10 at the show when I was there.  Unfortunately I did not get t a close look at the TruTrak RV.  But both Vic and Tim 10s are great looking.  A special thanks to Tim for letting me sit in the pilots seat while he turned on the Cheltons and avionics.  I sat there making airplane noises and dreaming I was flying my completed 10.

As you know Tim's panel is has the Cheltons side by side and Vic's are up and down, and both would not change the layout.  After sitting in Tim's plane, side by side works best for me.  It sure is great to have the flexibility to make your own choice and put the plane together as you want.

I had thought that I would put inertial reals in for the seat belts.  But with the Tim's seat belts on tight I could easily reach the panel and the avionics stack over to the right.  Vic's Crow Enterprizes belts with the rotary latch look very comfortable.  For me it will be fixed belts, but the wider hooker or crow type with rotary latches.

Paint cracking happens where the windows meet the fiberglass canopy.  Vic suggested putting e-glass around the exterior of the window which may stop or reduce the cracking.

Vic has his oxygen bottle mounted between the passenger seats.  It looked like a good place to mount it in lieu of hanging in on the co-pilot seat <>.  Cirrus has a similar install.  If anyone can take a picture of the Cirrus O2 installation and email them to me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Accuracy Avionics has an overhead console for the 10.  I bought one.  I have pictures and comments on my web site you can see them here <>.  Tony and Eric have put together a nice product.  It has six cockpit lights for the pilot & co-pilot, rear passengers and the baggage area.  Four vents for overhead ventilation and a bar to hang clothing in the baggage area.  A scoop mounts to the intersecting fairing and scat tubes connect to the overhead console to pressurize  it.  There is an area to mount an overhead DVD player that flips down (cool).  The package comes in 3 flavors.  Basic, standard and deluxe.  List price is $1,295, $2,295, and $2,495 respectively.  The basic is the console straight from the mold and primed.  Standard adds the DVD player, six cockpit lights and 4 eyeball vents.  Deluxe adds installation of the components including the nut plates & seal.  I bought the standard.  Tony and Eric are also putting together a center console and a variety of fiberglass panels.  I cannot wait to see the rest of their offerings. Contact information is: Tony Sustare, Accuracy Avionics, 63020 Powel Butte Highway, Suite 1, Bend, Oregon 97701
Phone 866/KIT-PANL email: TonyS at accuracy avionics dot com

Josh from Direct2 had the Chelton SV-10 wire harness there.  It looked complete and well put together, but it was hard to tell with everything curled up.  They even have mounts for the GADAHRS and magnetometer  Hopefully the wire harness will ship to me soon.  Chelton is working on integrating XM weather in addition to WSI weather to give you a choice.

Avionics Systems <> has a modular molded fiberglass panel that allows the avionics stack to be located anywhere on the panel.  They has a system on display with the avionics stack to the right of the center rib.  If anyone has a photo of this panel please email it to me.

Advanced Flight Systems new EFIS & Engine monitoring graphics are outstanding.  Grand Rapids better watch out.  Currently the AFS system does not have all the functionality as the GRT system, but with the better screen it has the potential to blow away the GRT and challenge the Chelton systems.  But, this will be too late for me.

TruTrak is also entering the EFIS marked, but not much info on there system.  Maybe at OSH.  They did announce a RV-10 autopilot.  I guess it positioned somewhere between the Sorcerer and Digiflight IIVSGV.

Plane Power's development of a vacuum pad mounted alternator is not going to happen in the near future.  They are working on STC's for their existing products.  They want the alternator to work at low engine RPM settings and that will take a while.

E-Mag/P-Mag was not at the show.  Sure wish they were.  I need to make a decision on an ignition system.

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