Henkjan van der Zouw's Locking Door Latches

Here is one side of a door latch set made by Henkjan van der Zouw of Holland.  These are designed to be very easy to retrofit to the RV-10 without much effort, as long as you have not filled the screw heads and painted over your screws on your door latches.  He anodized these, but they could also be polished if desired.   They mount by just removing the 2 screws that hold the latching mechanism in, and installing the thin plate onto the door.  The handle then attaches, and he included a nice pushbutton that goes in the center hole that actuates the latch.  The more forward hole gets a lock cylinder that allows you to release a pin that locks into that backing plate.  It should take very little effort to make these work.  If there is a drawback, it's that the plate (about 1/8" thick) is not flush with the door, so it isn't a flush latch.  Some builders will prefer these for their ease of installation, some will prefer a flush installation.  There is definitely a price difference though, as it costs much more to design something to replace the whole interior latch mechanism.  These latches will likely sell for around $200 per PAIR.   The other aftermarket latches sold by Coss Aviation are flush, but they are selling for $350+ *each*.

For more information, contact Henkjan via this address:
"henkjan"  at the domain of  "zme" dot "nl"

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