Feb 6 and 9, 2004

Finally got around to priming all parts.  Here's a copy of my Detail gun bought at Menards. Same
as an el' cheapo Harbor Freight one.  $25, plus a regulator.  It's an HVLP gun, and worked well
for my small quantities spraying my primer.  By the way, I used the Alumiprep, Alodine, Primer
combination on these parts, and used Akzo 2 part primer from Aircraft Spruce (~$100 total for
both one gallon parts).  Seems to be pretty good stuff.  It's very thin and watery going on, so
you can spray with low pressure real easily, and the 1.0mm nozzle worked fine.

On Feb. 9th, I finally got the time to start riveting my VS rear spar together, along with my rudder
hinge brackets.  Some rivets were hard to squeeze, being too near the perpendicular surface of
the hinge brackets.  Screwed a couple up in the process, but it came out good in the end.

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