Jan.30th, 2004

Learned a hard lesson today.  That VS-1014 that I ordered from Van's overnight.....never bundle
something you want overnight with something you don't care to get quickly.  I ordered some Proseal
for my trailing edges and a couple parts for a friend, and they shipped my VS-1014 in one package
and the rest in a box.  Overnight shipping was $54+!!   So, from now on I'll #1, never make a mistake
again (yeah right!) and #2, if I need something overnight I won't order other things with it.

I got caught up on the VS endcaps tonight and started deburring VS-1008.  Had to figure out what tools
worked best for that one.  Ended up with files and a dremel tool sanding wheel.  Looks like that
should work well.   You'll also see pictures of my helpers I had tonight.  I actually talked the wife
into deburring holes for me.  Can't wait until I can get her to change the oil on the car too! :)

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