OSH 2011 with N104CD and Friends!

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This year I had probably the best OSH experience ever, especially with the great company we get to be in!  Even better than in years past, we were able to host both Scott and Sean and their associated peeps for a night pre-OSH and then all fly in together to the show.  This gave an added opportunity for some photos and formation on the way to OSH, which makes the trip over even more fun for everyone.  Before I get started, let me give a big thanks to Scott, Jim and Trina Beyer, Nyle, Sean, and  Andrea for the photos they took.  Of the photos below, many of them were taken by them.  More continued within the photos...

RV20110722163650.jpg RV20110723092622.jpg RV20110723092738.jpg RV20110723095338.jpg

So with all the beautiful women (see above) loaded up, we set off for OSH.  There was Wx coming in, so we headed out to get in front.  These types of days are the BEST flying days there are...clouds make the perfect background for aerial photos!

RV20110723095504.jpg RV20110723095518.jpg RV20110723095546.jpg RV20110723095632.jpg
RV20110723095654.jpg RV20110723095656.jpg RV20110723095736.jpg RV20110723095812.jpg
RV20110723100206.jpg RV20110723100524.jpg RV20110723100614.jpg RV20110723100630.jpg
RV20110723100852.jpg RV20110723100926.jpg RV20110723100932.jpg RV20110723101112.jpg

After an hour or so of having a total blast, it was time to do the approach into OSH.  We came in as a flight and landed on Runway 18 doing the "Roush approach" to land....minus the great scraping sound.  Runway 18 is a fun approach to do, if your'e flying these smaller planes.

RV20110723105644.jpg RV20110723105648.jpg RV20110723105652.jpg RV20110723114420.jpg
RV20110723134044.jpg RV20110723134312.jpg RV20110723134344.jpg RV20110723134424.jpg

We actually beat the camper drivers there, so we all hung out for a bit before we set up camp.  Arriving pre-show is a great way to relax with other builders. I'd encourage any builder to come on the weekend pre-show, as it's much more relaxing than once the show starts. 

On Monday when the show kicked into gear, we of course watched the airshows often.  The Honda Jet below copied their paint scheme from Sean.  Their engineers must have really liked Sean's paint. :)

RV20110725152316.jpg RV20110725155200.jpg RV20110725155934.jpg RV20110725160130.jpg
RV20110725162220.jpg RV20110725164410.jpg RV20110725173518.jpg RV20110725184650.jpg

This year Airventure did really well and had an awesome band.  In some years, they had previously hot bands, but once the band members have turnover and the band doesn't sound the same, there's nothing you can do to keep a once popular 70's or 80's band hot.  This wasn't the case with the REO Speedwagon concert!  I've always liked their music and I found that they sounded almost identical to what they did back when I was in college.  Kudos to whoever set that one up, and "well done" to the band!

After that, we did some hanging out at the campsites again.

RV20110725195824.jpg RV20110725195907.jpg RV20110725195928.jpg RV20110725195942.jpg
My new Tie-Downs from Abe's Aviation

This year for OSH I wasn't going to risk airplane damage like what happened to folks at Sun-N-Fun this year during the tornado, so I got myself some great new tiedowns from Abe's Avation.  Check out my Tiedown Write-Up for more info or click the picture below.

Not long after the show started, the RV-10 arrivals were really packing it in.  We had the same corner of the lot as last year, minus the soggy ground.

Apparently apple has come out with the ingenious "assmount" holding system for your iPad!

RV20110726091830.jpg RV20110726092528.jpg RV20110726092610.jpg RV20110726092622.jpg

One of the mornings we had our big adventure for the week.  Thanks to Jim Beyer, another RV-10 builder who's currently flying a beautiful V-Tail Bonanza, said he'd be happy to go out flying and have both of our wives shoot some three-plane formation photos for us, from his plane!  Thanks again Jim and Trina, this was very very nice of you!  We quickly jumped on that idea since the weather was beautiful, and we headed out for some great formation photos.  When shooting 2 planes, it's very easy to get some good looking photos, as the 2 planes can be in almost any alignment to eachother and look nice.  As soon as you add a 3rd, it becomes MANY times harder to get everyone in alignment, so you shoot tons of photos hoping that at least some of them turn out good.  We ended up with quite a few nice photos.  These are just a sampling but are some of the better ones.

RV20110726093400.jpg RV20110726093541.jpg RV20110726093545.jpg RV20110726093649.jpg
RV20110726093651.jpg RV20110726093657.jpg RV20110726093707.jpg RV20110726093716.jpg
RV20110726093750.jpg RV20110726093800.jpg RV20110726093814.jpg RV20110726093828.jpg
RV20110726093829.jpg RV20110726093830.jpg RV20110726093834.jpg RV20110726093836.jpg
RV20110726093840.jpg RV20110726093907.jpg RV20110726093921.jpg RV20110726093922.jpg
RV20110726093934.jpg RV20110726093935.jpg RV20110726093937.jpg RV20110726093938.jpg
RV20110726094002.jpg RV20110726094044.jpg RV20110726094123.jpg RV20110726094220.jpg
RV20110726094318.jpg RV20110726094332.jpg RV20110726094356.jpg RV20110726094408.jpg
RV20110726094420.jpg RV20110726094426.jpg RV20110726094450.jpg RV20110726094524.jpg
RV20110726094534.jpg RV20110726094552.jpg RV20110726094602.jpg RV20110726094623.jpg
RV20110726094628.jpg RV20110726094640.jpg RV20110726094646.jpg RV20110726094658.jpg
RV20110726094737.jpg RV20110726094753.jpg RV20110726094757.jpg RV20110726094758.jpg
RV20110726094759.jpg RV20110726094830.jpg RV20110726094846.jpg RV20110726094848.jpg
RV20110726094912.jpg RV20110726094913.jpg RV20110726094916.jpg RV20110726094924.jpg
RV20110726094926.jpg RV20110726094927.jpg RV20110726094929.jpg RV20110726094930.jpg
RV20110726094941.jpg RV20110726094943.jpg RV20110726094946.jpg RV20110726094947.jpg
RV20110726094958.jpg RV20110726095005.jpg RV20110726095020.jpg RV20110726095035.jpg
RV20110726095056.jpg RV20110726095102.jpg RV20110726095113.jpg RV20110726095119.jpg
RV20110726095125.jpg RV20110726095126.jpg RV20110726095130.jpg RV20110726095134.jpg
RV20110726095135.jpg RV20110726095137.jpg RV20110726095140.jpg RV20110726095256.jpg
RV20110726095300.jpg RV20110726095342.jpg RV20110726095600.jpg RV20110726095604.jpg
RV20110726095620.jpg RV20110726095626.jpg RV20110726095650.jpg RV20110726095710.jpg
RV20110726095810.jpg RV20110726095818.jpg RV20110726095850.jpg RV20110726095852.jpg
RV20110726095900.jpg RV20110726095922.jpg RV20110726095952.jpg RV20110726100036.jpg
RV20110726100230.jpg RV20110726100338.jpg RV20110726100352.jpg RV20110726100406.jpg
RV20110726102622.jpg RV20110726102720.jpg RV20110726102736.jpg RV20110726102742.jpg
RV20110726102808.jpg RV20110726102910.jpg RV20110726102946.jpg RV20110726102954.jpg

After all that formation time, we all gathered together back at camp.  That's Jim and his wife Trina in the 2nd photo below.

RV20110726112442.jpg RV20110726122222.jpg RV20110726122230.jpg RV20110726134308.jpg
RV20110726163334.jpg RV20110726163354.jpg RV20110726163400.jpg

To continue the week we did lots of airshow watching, some shopping, and generally relaxed and had tons of fun.   One of the other activites I did this year was to fly home and bring a couple of the kid's friends to stay with us at OSH for the latter half of the week.  This proved to be a little challenging in that we started to get a little weather for a while mid-week.

Timing is everything though and if you watch for where the weather is you can often skirt around it.  These 2 photos below are for my trip home.  I was able to depart VFR from OSH, but filed a plan from a point along my route where I could pick up an IFR clearance and finish the flight home IFR.  As I flew along in beautiful smooth skies, the ride was perfect.

Back at OSH, there were a couple of minor mishaps on the runways, one of them was an F-16 that somehow ended up with a collapsed nose gear.

This year we also did something that we've skipped the last couple years...we took a trip to the seaplane base.  It's a beautiful spot...worth the trip to see.

IMG_2209.jpg IMG_2210.jpg
IMG_2211.jpg IMG_2212.jpg

And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to OSH without a couple of trips to Redgranite Quarry for a swim.  Highly recommended if you bring a family or stay the week at OSH!

IMG_2221.jpg IMG_2229.jpg IMG_2233.jpg IMG_2235.jpg

One other bit of coolness is the people that OSH brings in.  This is a picture of the Air Cam that we saw Harrison Ford arrive in.  I always like the actors best who have that love of aviation!  You just never know who you're gonna see at Airventure!

Meals are always fun at OSH...getting to go out to a variety of places or sometimes cook at the campsite.  While this year's trip to Fratellos was highly disappointing (probably won't go back there next year), we did love the pizza again at Red's Pizza.  It's a family place that's been around many many years and they make some truly awesome pizza.  Call them when you're in town...they're at 920-231-3290.

This year we even stayed for the entire show...we came on Saturday and left the second following Sunday!  That gave us the chance to watch the big airshow on Saturday and see the Saturday Night airshow. I sure wish they'd move that to Wednesday or do 2 of them each week.  These photos don't do it justice...go to the Airventure website to see videos, but it was great!

So after almost 9 full days of OSH, we'd had our fill for a few weeks and we headed home.  Can't wait to see what next year has in store!

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