My RV-10 Panel - Steinair - OSH 2005

These are some admittedly crappy pictures of my panel at OSH 2005 in the SteinAir booth.  This was my first opportunity to see my panel fitted with the 2.25" TruTrak ADI (one of only 2 prototypes currently).  The 2.25" ADI will be available for sale late this year (current prediction).  The new software, release 6.0, was feature packed and had new functions that I have never seen before. It is very exciting that the most advanced EFIS has even more good stuff to offer.  One of the coolest was the ability to integrate with an SL-30 and overlay 2 RMI indicators, from both the active and standby frequency on the SL-30.  This would allow you to triangulate your position with regards to dual VOR's without actually having more than one NAV receiver.  There is also FAR more than that in release 6.0...some visual options, some functional.  Traffic display is now amazing, available in both the Attitude view or on the map screen.   I'll try to pass on more as I can.

If you're interested in Chelton Systems, contact Stein at SteinAir, and please tell him that Tim sent you.

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