April 3, 2004

Got into a bit of a productive time!

Assembled the spar and ribs to final drill the rib pieces and spar.

Here's a picture of my latest toy for the shop.  It's a WinTV-Radio card, model 401.  Has
a TV Tuner and an FM Tuner in it so I can now listen to MP3's, watch TV, and Listen to
the radio all on my PC.  As you can see, I also have an on-screen clock program running
so I can keep track of the time.

Still final drilling all rib pieces.

Line up the Stab sections.

Start  by Cleco-ing in the nose ribs.

Stringer Placement photos

All Cleco'd up and looking good!

Another shot.

A Closer couple of shots of the center section.

This one shows a couple of holes in the middle that need to be drilled by a right angle drill.  I got
a real cheap but well made Jacobs chuck right-angle drill kit from Harbor Freight for something
like $12.  Worked great.  I'll still buy the $150 kit for the tight-fit drill kit, but this worked for
this section.

Can't see it by this shot, but if you look down the lightening holes, you can see a nice straight
Horizontal Stab!

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