Builder Site Links - Here are a bunch of other good builders sites to check out
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Tim Olson's (Hey, that's me!)  RV-10  #170 (N104CD) - Flying
Brian and Brandi Unrien's RV-10 page RV-10 (N42BU) - Flying
Scott Schmidt's RV-10 (N104XP) - Flying
Also: VAF Virtual Hangar Link
Randy DeBauw's RV-10 #006 (N610RV) - Flying
Anh Vu's RV-10 (N591VU) - Flying
Mike Howe's RV-10 project
Mouser Williams's RV-10 #988
Jay Brinkmeyer's RV-10 page
Dave's RV-10 project
Sean Stephens's RV-10 #303 project
William Curtis's RV-10 #237 project
Larry Rosen's RV-10 #356 project
Deems Davis's RV-10 #406 project
RV-10 #126 (QB) - Subie Conversion
Noel Simmons RV-10 Builder Assistance
Sean Blair's RV-10 project
Michael's RV-10 Project - Switzerland
Henkjan van der Zouw's RV-10 - Netherlands
John Jessen's RV-10 project
Rick's RV-10 project
Jessie Saint - Builder Assistance
Robin Marks's RV-10 Project
Joseph Rhodes RV-10 #744 project
Charlie Kendall's RV-10 Project
David Murphy's RV-10 #785 project
John "Bart" McGonagill's RV-10 project
James Ochs RV-10 #400 project
James Bunn's RV-10 project

Other very useful non-RV-10 Builder Pages
Walter Tondu's RV-7 project