Maintenance Spec Sheet
*  Note: This is a spec sheet that I am keeping for my own reference.  Depending on the hardware installed in your aircraft, you may not require the same equipment or specs.  These may provide a useful source for some of your information however.  Please do not rely on it as sole-source, as I will not claim 100% accuracy or applicability for your plane.

Tires: 42 psi Mains Size: 15/6.00-6 (6-ply)

42 psi Front Size: 5.00-5 (6-ply)

Oil Filter: CH48110 or equiv Currently Using: Tempest AA48110
Oil: Currently using Exxon Elite 20W-50 + camguard

Alternator Belt:
Gates 7375XL / 11A0955

Tension 3/8" belt via pully spin slip to:

11-13 ft.lbs new, 7-9 used belt

Prop Grease:
Aeroshell 6

Spark Plugs (Top): Denso W24EMR-C Gap: .032"-.040"

Will be moving to Denso IK-24 or IK-27
Torque: 15 lb/ft (Plugs)

Torque: 25 lb/ft (Reducing Inserts)
Spark Plugs (Bottom): Autolite Iridium UREM38S Gap: .016"-.021"

Torque: 25 lb/ft

Gaskets: Champion p/n M674K

ELT Batteries:  (Ack E-04)
E-04 Main Lithium Batter from ACK p/n E-04.0

Duracell PX28L 6V lithium - Remote

CR-2  6V Lithium - Alert Module

Brake Assembly 30-59E: Linings Part Number: Cleveland 66-112 
Currently using Rapco RA66-112
Torque: 75-80 in-lbs DRY
Rivets p/n 105-2  (Aircraft Spruce)
Disc p/n RA164-07500

Wheel Assembly 40-59A: Torque: 150 in-lbs DRY

Nosewheel Assembly (NW511.25):
Torque: 80 in-lbs DRY

Matco recommends Aeroshell 22 grease for Nosewheel

Nosewheel Bolt Torque:
7-16 ft-lbs (84-192 in-lbs)

Prop Torque: (Note: Using my custom welded wrench!)
Straight: 40ft-lbs initial -- 70ft-lbs final

Spec is 60-70 ft-lbs
90 Degree: 27ft-lbs initial -- 47ft-lbs final

Standard Disclaimer:  The ideas, concepts, maintenance procedures and tips within this site may not be considered acceptable, and have come from a variety of potentially unreliable sources.  As with any do-it-yourself project, building an airplane and doing the maintenance is an "at your own risk" undertaking.  Treat any information you find on this page and on the web in general with caution and know that you alone are responsible for the safety of your airplane, and the maintenance performed.   Although the ideas posted here were put out with the concept of increased safety in mind, there are no guarantees.  (Hey, it's 2006, what's a guy to do)