Custom Engraved Fuel Caps

Recently I had the nice gift from a friend of these custom engraved fuel caps.  They were done by Bill
at  which is based Independence, OR. Initially when I build the -10, I was
trying to save money and just had plain caps, and then put on P-Touch labels with the required markings
of 100LL and the gallons.  This worked fine, although I found that the caps definitely need an annual
lubrication of the O-Rings in the stem and around the seal. But I liked other people's engraved caps,
if for no other reason than vanity. It also gives you a cap that is YOUR cap, so nobody would want
to steal it, as it would be traceable back to you. So when I got this gift, I was pretty pleased. Now I
also have a pair of old white caps that I can keep on hand for quick spares, should I need them.

The photo doesn't do it justice.  This is just a quick shot that I took before I even cleaned anything up
after a trip, and you can tell I chipped my paint a bit around the tank opening.  So goes life.