Vic's Completed and Airworthy RV-10!

First Flight 7/24/2005!!

Added 7/22/05 - Updated 7/24/05

7/22/05:  Vic sent me these photos today along with a note that he got his airworthiness certificate!
I'm not sure if he'll be at OSH with it or not...let's hope!

Here's a clip from his note: "I did get an airworthiness certificate last night, and I hope to fly this week end. I'll send a couple of pictures under separate cover. I'm still striping it, so the paint is not complete. It will have a 1 3/4" inch black stripe down the fuse, bordered by 2 silver 1/4" stripes, and the words "RV-10" on the cowl."

"Van & Team---- You did it again! What a great airplane. N64VC took to the air today, 7/24/2005, for the first time. Enclosed is the requisite RV-grin photo after landing, and I assure you the grin needed no prompting! We started the airplane in May of 2004, SN# 40229, and 14 1/2 months, 1700 manhours and 700 wife hours later (yes, she was right there) we are beginning to have fun again. We used a QB kit, and wired, painted, and upholstered it ourselves. The engine is an I0-540-D4A5 built by Performance Engines, with AirFlow Performance Injection, Lightspeed Ignition on top, magneto on bottom, balanced, ported, and flow balanced, with an MT-3 Blade prop. The panel is dual screen Chelton, Garmin 430, Sl-30, PS Engineering PM7000CD, TruTrack Sorcerer autopilot. With only 5 hours on it this weekend ,and limited to a traffic pattern distance from the airport during those 5 hours, I've not been able to get any good performance numbers yet. However, at 2650' DA, climb rates have been about 1500 fpm. We've been asking Van for a 4 place since 1985, and he sure has delivered a winner!"
Thanks again!!!
Vic & Carol Syracuse
3-time repeat offenders :)

Empty Wt: 1665
Equipped with SafeAir Tip Tanks

N64VC Panel.jpg
N64VC Rear View.jpg
RV-10 Pic 1.jpg
RV-10 Pic 2.jpg