Vic Syracuse's RV-10 Engine and Panel

These awesome photos were provided by Vic.  Here are some portions of his comments on them...
"Yes, I did it all myself, and it is completely wired and running. It's all on quick disconnects. As some have mentioned (such as Stein who is one of the great suppliers!) you can cut the ribs and beef them up. I even extended the panel so I could stack the Chelton. The panel is all finished, just waiting for the Sorcerer auto pilot to plug in. As for the airplane, my finish kit and QB fuselage shipped last week. I've completed the rest of the kits, and wired everything. I've got the engine, built up by Performance Aero, and have baffled it and fabricated all of the hoses. I should be able to make some steady fast progress here soon.  For those who don't know me, I've built a number of airplanes, including an RV-4, RV-6, Prescott Pusher, 2 Kitfoxes, and helped complete and test fly a T-18, RV-4, RV-6, and Kitfox. I'm an EAA Tech Advisor and Flight Safety Counselor. "
"Here's the strategy I took for the electrical/flight/engine systems. I tried for as much redundancy as possible (still single engine, of course). Starting with the engine, I had it built as reliably as possible. Performance Aero (the first place winners at Reno) did the engine, all new cylinders, 9.5:1 forged pistons, balanced, ported, flowed, B&C starter, B&C 60 AMP  alternator, Air Wolf remote oil filter, Electronic ignition on top, magneto for the bottom (giving me ignition in the event of a total electrical failure), airflow performance injection (dynoed at 310 hp). The panel is a 2 screen Chelton, each can back up the other. The Dynon stays on for 2 hours in the event of a total electrical failure (I've already tested this), and the panel lights have a 9 volt back up battery. I've hardwired the avionics bus with an emergency by pass switch direct to the battery if needed (and for use on the ground to get a clearance). The Garmin 430 and the Chelton will drive the autopilot with GPS and nav/loc/gs data, as well as fly the airplane without any data. So, there are 3 ways to get electrical power: standard master and avionics switch, standby alternator if needed, and hard wired battery as a last resort.  I wired the PS 7000CD intercom so that all seats can listen to the same entertainment source (cd/satellite/dvd), or the front and rear seats can simultaneously listen to different inputs, allowing the kids to actually watch a movie or listen to different music." 


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