Lancair Panel

These are some preview pictures of Lancair's panel for the RV-10.  Interestingly, these pics were sent to Bob C, at his inquiry, although the plane used for measuring and modeling these was our own Randy #006's plane.  Randy hadn't even seen the photos yet!   I guess we'll all be seeing it soon enough (except it can't be too soon for Randy!).


Here's Bob's original posting:

I just received some great pictures from the Lancair folks showing
their intended molded console/panel. I've posted them in the "Bob C"
folder in the Photos section. Following is the email:

Here are some early pictures of the soon to be RV 10 molded panel.
It's the very early stages, I just wanted to give you an idea. There
will be metal inserts for the two large insets which will be laser cut
to whatever instrument set up is chosen. There will also be a metal
insert for the center console that can be cut for radios, circuit
breakers, or whatever. The armrest will open for a chart case, and
you'll notice the rear has a "ledge" for rear seat power points
games, whatever) or headset jacks, or both. The center console has a
"circle" for the fuel selector and the sides of the arm rest are
indented to allow for easier seat movement.

Once we get our first one out of the new mold, painted, inserts, etc,
I'll send another picture if you're interested. It will look much
different at that point and it will be nice!

Contact info is:
Tony Sustare
AeroCraft Avionics

I've asked for estimated pricing and will pass along any additional
info as I get it.

Bob #40105