The RV10 empennage (the only part I've ordered so far) arrives in 2 crates.  One (not pictured) is
about  46" wide, by about 10' long.  It fit into the back of my Suburban between the wheel wells
and stuck out the back door by about a foot and half.  It was in the low 200lbs, and not too
bad for 2 guys to lift out.  The spar comes in a separate box about 4" x 6" x 11', which was
a breeze to transport.   I was able to have the freight company hold the shipment at the local
center for me to pick up, which saved me about $50 for residential delivery, and saved me from
having to make sure I was home to unload it.  Everything was well packaged.  I found almost nothing
wrong, except for a small bent corner of one sheet, which probably happened during packaging, but
got missed.  I'd give them a 9 though, as everything was really well done.

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