Tim's RV-10 Videos
These videos will stream to iPhone/iPad using Safari, and also Firefox (tested on 14+) .  Not sure about IE, but who uses that anyway. :)

After flying Alaska, we've now hit all 50 states and 4 countries, so I made this video to celebrate. It features photos from each one of the 50 states and 4 countries that we've traveled. We just loved the tune!

We took this one on the way to Florida, taken somewhere just south of Chattanooga, TN.  You just never forget flights like this!

Fun IMC time!
Took a quick overnight trip this October after a cold clear night. Woke up in the a.m. to a thick blanket of fog. Nobody could say where the tops were, but we decided to launch anyway. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 mile viz and no ceiling on takeoff. These are the kinds of days where an instrument rating really pays off!

How to waste money quickly
Watch a $400 GoPro fall off into the depths... I was very unhappy.  But, then I found it with SCUBA the next day.

IMC Flights 8/30/2014 from KLUM to KARV and back
To me, this is what an instrument rating is all about!  With Ceilings between 400 and 700' all over the state, this flight was not really do-able VFR, but it was fantastically fun via IFR!

IMC Flights 5/25/2016 from KLUM to KRHI and back
Another awesome day for flying on Instruments!  With Ceilings between 200 and 300' between home and Rhinelander, it made for a great challenge.  Lucky it was going to improve for my return trip because KLUM doesn't have an ILS!
Warning: IMC Flying can be addictive!

Spinning the RV-14
After spending the summer finishing the RV-14, it's time to enjoy it for what it was built for! Blast outta work, head to the airport, and put the RV thru it's paces!

RV-10 Wing Stall Demonstration
This is a wing stall demonstration video I did for my kid's science class a few years go.  We tufted the wing and went out and did some deep stalls, showing the airflow over the wing as you approach and enter a stall.  At the root, you can even see the airflow completely reverse.

Funny old video
I only put this here to show a couple of buddies who didn't know me back then, but yeah, I guess I've always been a bit of a geek. It used to be all SCUBA diving, but in 1998 when I started flying, I found my number one passion.