TruTrak Pitch Servo Torque Enhance Mod #2

Completed 8/11/2006 - Updated 8/17/2006

I just got done installing the 2nd revision of torque enhancement for the pitch servo.  This one is a bit different, but very easy to install.  It's a wheel with cables attached to a moving rail.  One end gets a rod end, which isn't all that critical to get to the proper length, as long as the wheel can go full-travel in both directions.  The wheel is held in by a tight cable.  Be sure you check the allen setscrews that hold this cable in.  This is actually a photo of my 2nd one, because the screws weren't tightened all the way on the original, and the cable pulled out.

The mechanism seems to work very well.  At the same time, I had my Digiflight II VSGV-FP sent in for a software upgrade from version 2.11 to Version 2.20.  The new version fixes a few issues with the older software, so if you own one with older software, send it in for upgrade.

Here are some photos of the install.  Note that the hollowed out side of the wheel faces the servo.  The little hole that's not in center is for the sheer screw.  DO NOT remove the sheer screw.  To take your old arm of, engage the autopilot and you should be able to take out the center screw and then pull the arm off. (Tools may be required to encourage the arm to release)  Then you can tighten the wheel on, with the sheer screw in the hole.   The rod end has a little less than 1/2" of threads showing. (** Estimated)  I did cut my own spacer for the bolt next to the pushrod bellcrank.  You could also use a few washers.


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