Tailcone Assembly

Here's what the tailcone looks like after about 10 hours of time into it.  Someone once said
that this tailcone goes together really quickly, and I'd have to agree.  Of course, knowing that
soon I'll have to deburr all of the parts and holes sure makes it a long section again, but
it doesn't take long to feel like you're doing something substantial.

A couple of notes:  The sawhorses required are 38" tall.  Plan ahead and buy tall ones.
- OR -
Use these tricks.   Initially I tried hanging 2 PVC pipes from the ceiling as sawhorses. That
works for the start, but soon you need to get the skin on one side.  So,  I just used
clamps and clamped down 2   2x4's on my workbench, standing on edge, and used
those for my sawhorses
.  That worked GREAT, since my workbench is 35" or 36" high.

Also, just picked up this rolling chair (see below) for under $13 on sale.  Very awesome
for when you're clecoing stuff like this.  Just sit down, toss a pile of clecos in the tray,
and start going to town!

RV200406130001.jpg RV200406130006.jpg RV200406130007.jpg RV200406130009.jpg
Rear bulkhead and Tie-down
Cut and angled stiffners
Bending the Longeron
Assembled bulkheads
RV200406140014.jpg RV200406140015.jpg RV200406140016.jpg RV200406140017.jpg
Hanging the Bottom Skin

Makeshift Sawhorse
Another View
RV200406140018.jpg RV200406140019.jpg RV200406140020.jpg RV200406140021.jpg
And Another
Kick Butt Cleco Chair!

RV200406140022.jpg RV200406140023.jpg RV200406140024.jpg RV200406140025.jpg
Stiffners and Skin on Left
Tail Internal Parts

RV200406140026.jpg RV200406140027.jpg RV200406140028.jpg RV200406140030.jpg
Finished for the night

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