Rudder Skin Dimpling Screwups  3/7/04

To order 2 new sheets, or not.  That is the question.

Hit the dimpler completely out of the hole.  Metal is slightly cracked where bad dimple was.  Squeezed flat.

Same spot, different shot.

The opposite side of the skin.  This is the outside.

Another shot of that spot from the outside.

One dimple I caught a little bit off center at first, then hit it centered.  Note 2 small cracks, but pretty intact.

Very stupid.  Another sheet was under my top sheet while hand dimpling and I missed it.  So, I dimpled the trailing edge and hit it in 3 small places.  The 2nd
and 3rd I'm sure I could just fill with filler when I'm done.  The other one just looks stupid.  These will have trailing edge metal between the sheets, so would
be backed up by aluminum at least after assembly.

Here's the other side of those shots.