OSH 2019 - Sloshkosh 2

July 2019

Oshkosh is one of my most favorite times and events of any year.  2019 was no exception.  Unfortunately, as I write this, in very late fashion, it is May 2020 and we were all anticipating the upcoming OSH 2020, only to find out that it won't happen due to COVID-19.  This is a crushing heartbreak, as I haven't missed an OSH since 1998 when I first went, and my girls have not missed one in their lifetimes.  At least we will still be able to say, going forward, that we never missed one, because one won't have taken place in 2020.  With that out of the way, lets have some fun and reminisce about OSH 2019.  "Remember when we used to get together with friends?" (The new saying, with COVID-19)

First, here's a video I made of some of our photos and video clips

RV20190710-082644-006.jpg RV20190710-082648-007.jpg RV20190710-093007-008.jpg

OSH 2019 started out as they have for many years now for us.  We hopped in th plane and went over early to get campsites.  The campground is both full, and empty, based on your perspective.  It's empty of a lot of campers when we go, but much space is already taken, which makes it a challenge for us to find the best contiguous grouping of sites that we can.  In the end, we always find something that works, and this year was no different.  We also ended up needing our well coordinated space, because the coming rains would have prevented us from having a workable layout if we hadn't planned well.

RV20190710-093012-009.jpg RV20190710-095433-001.jpg RV20190710-095458-003.jpg
RV20190710-120642-018.jpg RV20190710-120646-019.jpg RV20190710-120654-020.jpg
RV20190710-120721-021.jpg RV20190710-125606-025.jpg RV20190710-125929-032.jpg
RV20190710-131525-033.jpg RV20190710-135203-038.jpg RV20190714-163541-527.jpg
RV20190715-195342-529.jpg RV20190715-210728-001.jpg RV20190715-210739-002.jpg

A week before OSH, we started to get our typical July storm fronts moving through. I grabbed these screenshots just for keepsakes. 
We spent our time preparing everything, and when my Florida pals were near, I jumped in the RV-14 and met them in-flight for a welcome to our place, where we would stay overnight so we could go in as a group later.

RV20190716-111050-134.jpg RV20190718-161536-138.jpg RV20190718-163649-140.jpg
RV20190718-172416-139.jpg RV20190719-105907-145.jpg RV20190719-105910-146.jpg

We try to get anyone who can from our group to get here a day early, leaving padded time for weather, but also to allow us to have a little fun on the water. We've got a nice river in town right near KEAU, and we get some waterski and wakeboard fun in.

RV20190719-110857-152.jpg RV20190719-110859-158.jpg RV20190719-110903-162.jpg
RV20190719-110905-167.jpg RV20190719-110906-169.jpg RV20190719-110908-172.jpg
RV20190719-110908-173.jpg RV20190719-110909-176.jpg RV20190719-110909-179.jpg
RV20190719-110916-181.jpg RV20190719-152835-184.jpg RV20190719-152839-186.jpg

After we had our skiing done, we left that afternoon for one of my other favorite events of the year...our formation flying on the way to OSH.  We have a blast just taking turns flying off eachothers wing.  Unfortunately most of our pics are not close, as we focus on the flying, but we all get some practice on the way, and the 1 hour flight to OSH goes incredibly quickly that way.

RV20190719-152846-190.jpg RV20190719-153040-200.jpg RV20190719-153212-222.jpg
RV20190719-153237-247.jpg RV20190719-153453-544.jpg RV20190719-193921-546.jpg
RV20190720-081336-547.jpg RV20190720-092122-260.jpg RV20190720-103842-265.jpg

It was very apparent that 2019 was going to start out wet, with the forecast we had. The question was, how wet?  When we flew in, we were lucky to have a nice dry and sunny day, so we got on field and got our parking spaces well before the mess started.   By the next day, however, when the people driving in were to arrive, the rain was imminent.  And when it rained, it rained long and heavy.  We knew from the previous sloshkosh that there was NO WAY to get large campers or motorhomes in on the grass without making major ruts, and mess and mud that would keep our campsites miserable for days to come, so we used our knowledge of Sloshkosh 1 to prepare before the motorhomes showed up.   We purchased sheets of 3/4" plywood and cut them into 2'x2' square.  It takes a few sheets to get the job done properly...and you need 3/4" for sure!  As it turned out, we also needed some 2x12 boards cut into 2' lengths as well...but that was mainly because of the ignorant people who tried driving or especially towing trailers down the roads WITHOUT such wood.  Below you see the first person who got stuck right by our campsite, and after watching them stuk for a while, we were forced to help get them out in the middle of the rain storm because they were stuck exactly where our motorhomes would need to pull into our campsites.  You can see how the wood works, overlapping our squares and driving forward only 2-4' at a time, depending on how many axles you have.  With them out of the way, we had a clear path...for a while, to get our motorhomes in.

RV20190720-110916-549.jpg RV20190720-122438-267.jpg RV20190720-122829-293.jpg
RV20190720-122834-294.jpg RV20190720-135720-271.jpg RV20190720-142223-272.jpg
RV20190720-142241-274.jpg RV20190720-142244-278.jpg RV20190720-142548-280.jpg

We were at the end of a long road on grass, and to do the job right, it takes about an hour to get a motorhome all the way down the road.  Our first one went real well, and the road stayed good, with no huge ruts in the grass.  Unfortunately, while we were doing our 2nd motorhome, people with 4x4 trucks tried to tow their campers down the road, without regard to protecting the road itself, and caused monstrous ruts that made our job harder, as we had to cross the rutted tracks.  You can see one of them in the first picture above.  This caused us to get stuck, which would not have happened had they left the road in good shape.  As it was, the areas where we drove, with wood, were left almost completely un-rutted or marked in any way.  Below are some pictures of trying to cross the ruts they had left.  That was the hard part.  But, as you can see from the pictures below, with our large group of hard workers, we got the job done and had a great time!   We were very lucky, too, because after we got in, there was no way any other campers of similar size would get in for a few days.  Nobody came as prepared as we did, and many caused real horrible ruts in roads and required pull-outs by tractors.
Future mud wrestling wives!
RV20190720-161448-289.jpg RV20190720-161506-291.jpg
RV20190720-161509-292.jpg RV20190720-172236-281.jpg
Job well done, crew!!
RV20190720-172236-283.jpg RV20190720-172239-284.jpg RV20190720-172239-285.jpg
RV20190720-183641-587.jpg RV20190720-185643-585.jpg RV20190721-102659-296.jpg

With Monday and sun arriving, it was time to start the show!  It was largely like most other years for us, but we got the addition of Mitchell, which was very nice.  Colleen was down in Tennessee doing an internship and we flew her back just for a few days so she wouldn't completely miss out on OSH.

RV20190721-104129-588.jpg RV20190721-110123-339.jpg
Mitchell's first OSH!

Partners in crime
RV20190721-113038-340.jpg RV20190721-114228-342.jpg RV20190721-114236-343.jpg
RV20190721-114454-304.jpg RV20190721-114506-310.jpg RV20190721-131423-320.jpg
Our first experience with VR!
RV20190721-134855-323.jpg RV20190721-135830-345.jpg RV20190721-151929-348.jpg
RV20190721-151952-349.jpg RV20190721-152002-350.jpg RV20190721-161238-330.jpg
RV20190721-161621-015.jpg RV20190721-161625-016.jpg RV20190721-161632-002.jpg
RV20190721-161638-004.jpg RV20190721-161641-017.jpg RV20190721-161644-005.jpg
RV20190721-161650-007.jpg RV20190721-161653-008.jpg RV20190721-161659-009.jpg
RV20190721-161707-018.jpg RV20190721-161710-011.jpg RV20190721-161713-014.jpg
RV20190721-170715-353.jpg RV20190721-171335-594.jpg RV20190721-171351-593.jpg

Packed arrival to OSH
RV20190721-174419-552.jpg RV20190721-175849-335.jpg

David, doing his Tim imitation.  Dang kids!
RV20190722-142203-589.jpg RV20190722-154148-360.jpg

Airshows are sleepy time
RV20190722-154721-363.jpg RV20190722-154729-364.jpg RV20190722-175640-367.jpg
RV20190722-193833-355.jpg RV20190722-193835-356.jpg RV20190723-115157-372.jpg
RV20190723-124735-373.jpg RV20190723-124817-368.jpg RV20190723-124840-369.jpg
RV20190723-152527-370.jpg RV20190723-194448-374.jpg RV20190723-194451-375.jpg
RV20190723-194457-376.jpg RV20190723-194609-380.jpg RV20190724-105731-403.jpg

Fun Flying Time during OSH!
RV20190724-111451-386.jpg RV20190724-135738-404.jpg
RV20190724-144524-405.jpg RV20190724-145001-406.jpg
The Seaplane Base
RV20190724-151554-388.jpg RV20190724-151621-390.jpg RV20190724-153610-564.jpg
RV20190724-183524-395.jpg RV20190724-215927-408.jpg RV20190725-140457-412.jpg
RV20190725-140510-414.jpg RV20190725-140517-415.jpg RV20190725-171946-046.jpg

I ran into another eAPIS app in the vendor hangars.  I've been using FlashPass for years with great luck, but see that now there's another player in the market, helping to make our eAPIS filings better.

RV20190725-175457-567.jpg RV20190725-210307-048.jpg RV20190726-090858-451.jpg
RV20190726-093411-431.jpg RV20190726-093412-433.jpg RV20190726-121245-591.jpg
Colleen's Display forher Internship Project
RV20190726-151036-442.jpg RV20190727-065941-456.jpg RV20190727-065942-457.jpg
RV20190727-072446-479.jpg RV20190727-072942-496.jpg RV20190727-181450-487.jpg
Swimming Time!
RV20190727-202607-489.jpg RV20190727-203500-497.jpg RV20190727-212411-498.jpg

The night airshow is one of the biggest highlights of the entire week, and 2019 it was better than ever!  Wednesdays went great, but Saturdays we had some sorry about a storm going through, that ended up passing just South of the field.  The end result was a great night airshow, so we were all happy.  These pics don't do anything justice, but the video above has some of the fireworks, and those were spectacular.

RV20190727-212536-501.jpg RV20190727-212635-503.jpg RV20190727-212637-504.jpg
RV20190727-214819-505.jpg RV20190727-220356-507.jpg RV20190728-113522-508.jpg
RV20190728-113523-509.jpg RV20190728-113554-510.jpg RV20190728-113605-513.jpg

Departure day we had storms at home, but it was all isolated rain cells only a couple miles across, so we were able to weave our way around and get in with no problem.
Another OSH accomplished safely!

RV20190728-113611-514.jpg RV20190730-112232-067.jpg