D-I-Y VHF Comm antenna for Hangar

First, let me say right up front that this antenna was NOT my original idea.  I'd been looking for a good antenna for the hangar, but had some specific requirements, and ran across a couple of sites related to this antenna design.

Here's the web link that this whole project is built on: http://vk2zoi.com/articles/half-wave-flower-pot/.
And then a forum discussion Here in relation to it.  You'll find that first link has great pics and info about the antenna.

My requirement wasn't that I'd have absolutely the best range.  I just didn't like the horrible reception I get in the hangar with the door down, and wanted a good external antenna.  I didn't want one mounted on the roof, either, because then I have even more worry about lightning protection.  This one is much less likely to get struck, being below the roof line and tight to the building.  The bracket is just a piece of angle bolted to my door rail, and a bit of flat stock bent out to another piece of angle that the antenna is worm-drive hose clamped to.  The result is that the reception in the hangar on my scanner is much better and I can now near people in the pattern and even in the pattern at another airport 15 miles away with good clarity.

I think the design on that website was more of a HAM radio antenna, so the lengths are a little different based on wanting to use the Aircraft band.  The forum I think discussed that a little.  The other change I made was that this was talking about using PVC of 25mm, 32mm and 50mm in size, and gives a number of coil turns.  Well, I wasn't sure if when you wrap the coax on the PVC if you really care about the diameter of the center conductor, or the ID of the coil that is really based on the outside insulation of the RG58.  So I think I compensated a little for the extra diameter of the actual center conductor.  I also think I added a turn on the coils to give the right frequency. I did NOT test this antenna with an SWR meter or anything, to prove that my changes were good or bad, so if you build one, use  your best judgement and if performance is a big deal, experiment and make yours perfect.  All I can say is, I'm happy with how this one came out.  The design is nice, and not too obtrusive.

HangarAntenna_01.jpg HangarAntenna_02.jpg HangarAntenna_03.jpg

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