Fire Extinguisher / Spark Plugs

Added 8/6/2017

This page is just added as a little bit of documentation that may be useful for you RV-10 builders.

RV1020170709-134405-002.jpg RV1020170709-134431-004.jpg RV1020170709-155943-005.jpg

First I'll start with Fire Extinguishers.   The one on the right is the RT A600 that I started with in my RV10.   I really liked it when I bought it. It is small yet should be effective for the plane.  However, recently I went to remove it from the snap holder and I found it had almost zero weight, indicating it was empty.  Dang...that's an expensive thing to have drain on you.  Oh well, it's coming up on 12 years now so I can't cry too hard.  But, during the research before I bought a replacement, I came across a sad fact.  While you can still buy them, the are no longer sold by the manufacturer and there has been a service bulletin out since 2015 about them leaking.  You now have to weigh them annually to make sure they aren't leaking.  That surely indicates an issue.  Now, my plastic top had been popping off for a while, so I think that says enough about how they're made that indicates why they may leak.  Just not a tough quality product.   So, I went with the new one from H3R on the Left, the A344T, that comes with a gauge.  No, it's not as pretty, but it's well made.  It's a little larger overall and a little heavier, but not by much.  Probably the worst thing about my situation is this....
I bought an RT A400, the smaller one, for my RV-14.  It fits nicely under the throttle quadrant.  Sadly, the new A344T is much larger than the RT A400, so there isn't a suitable replacement that will fit in my same location.  That means that once my RV-14 extinguisher leaks out, I'll have to find a different mounting place for the new one. 

Another sad fact to this situation is that I discovered this AFTER my annual inspection, which meant pulling the entire tunnel cover off...AGAIN.  That is not fun because if you build it per-plans you have to pull the seats off to get the forward tunnel cover screws out.  This was the final straw for me, so I finally modified my tunnel cover by slitting it in 2 pieces near the fuel selector valve, and adding a doubler/connector with nutplates.  Finally it'll be an easier job to get in there for things like this.

RV1020170715-145536-011.jpg RV1020170715-145545-012.jpg RV1020170715-145605-013.jpg

Regarding spark plugs, I had been wondering how much time I'd get out of my IK-24 Iridium plugs on my lightspeed ignition, and I think I found the answer for now.  I put 311 hours on the ones on the Left.  The center electrode looks untouched, but the outside electrode has now worn right to or just past the recommended gap spec.  With a gap tool, I could salvage the plugs and keep using them probably at least to 500 total hours, but at the lower cost of these plugs I just decided to replace them.  They were in great shape and should make a good spare set to keep in the hangar for an emergency.  Oh the pains of being a pack-rat.


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