Quick IFR trip to Iowa


This wasn't anything too spectacular but was just a nice IFR flight to Boone, IA for a wedding reception we wanted to attend.  It was marginal VFR everwhere in between, but the flight was so much easier via IFR.  We got to fly the whole RNAV 15 Approach @ KBNW, and flew IFR at night on the return trip to do the RNAV 09 @ KLUM.  It's what having an IFR equipped plane is all about.   The weather was so hazy that we couldn't see much of anything on the way home, but could make out the moon as it was rising, in the thinner haze above.

RV20150829-154756-361.jpg RV20150829-155207-362.jpg RV20150829-185813-363.jpg
RV20150829-195646-367.jpg RV20150829-201555-368.jpg RV20150829-202815-373.jpg