Prop Balancing my RV-10

Thought some of you might like this feedback....

Yesterday I had my prop balanced.  It was done locally by one of the owners of one of the main companies who build the dynamic balancing equipment, who happens to live right near my home base.  (Dynamic Solutions systems)

It's the 2-blade hartzell, for those who didn't know, so it probably will never be as smooth as a 3-blade, but balancing is definitely a big help towards smoothness.

As you can see by the attached chart, we did 3 engine-runs.  The first one the balance was out by .350 in/sec of vibration.  (the lowest circle on the graph) We added a calibrated stack of washers and bolt/nut to the ring gear in a specified location and ran it again.  It was then out, but a little less so, and at a different angle (the circle at the 3 o'clock position).  We then removed the weights and the machine calculated the final solution, which was very small, equal to only one bolt and small AN washer in one spot, and one bolt and larger flat washer trimmed into a 2/3 moon shape on the other spot.  We then ran it again and got the results in the center.

As you can see the starting vibration was .350 in/sec, but after balancing, it was reduced to .026 in/sec, which is a huge reduction in overall vibration.  You feel it in the stick, and in the pedals, and it was very reduced after the balance.  We went for a quick flight....not to test the plane but because he wanted to see how the RV-10 flies, and I could feel a difference there as well, and see it when I focused hard on the panel.  I paid attention a couple days ago when flying to the visual vibration on areas that I could see, knowing I'd be balancing the prop, and you can actually see a difference.

Prop balancing usually costs between $150 and $175, which is a small cost for what I think it gives you. In addition to less buzzing vibration for the pilot, imagine how much slower wires wear through the insulation where they rub metal, and how much
reduced the stresses are on things like engine mounts, glue joints, fiberglass/plexiglass junctions where paint may crack, and all those other things. 

Just wanted to pass that along, since I've never actually seen anyone else post data on balancing before...just anecdotes, and I thought it would be interesting.

Sorry the photo on the left came out messed up.  I'll try to take more and replace that one in a day or two.


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