Elevator and Trim Tab Construction

During this period, my web page updating became got kind of...well, cancelled.  Too many things going on
to even work on the elevator consistently, let alone do a web page for each step.

Current time spent after finishing the elevators is around 155 hours of my own time, and
12 hours of other people's time.

The elevator wasn't too bad to work on, it just had a bunch of parts.  The disappointing thing is seeing the dings you can make
for each mistake made.  Hopefully with a little filler and work during painting time everything will look real good.  To prevent
problems during building, I think the best advice is to go slow and thoroughly think about the physics behind each pound when you grab the rivet gun.  If you don't have that gun centered over the spar, or matierial underneath and it starts to hammer a little off-center, it's gonna leave a ding.  Things like that can really get to you when it starts out looking so good, but then you ding it.  All in all though, it's looking pretty nice, and there is a good collection of finished parts growing in my basement.  Tailcone starts next, and I think I've changed my mind and decided to assemble the tailcone and other parts when done.  It'll be cool to have a big huge piece done.

Here are some photos in chronological order of the Elevator construction.

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RV200405150002.jpg RV200405150003.jpg RV200405150004.jpg RV200405150005.jpg
RV200405150006.jpg RV200405150007.jpg RV200405280008.jpg RV200405280009.jpg
RV200405280010.jpg RV200405300011.jpg RV200405300012.jpg RV200405300013.jpg
RV200405300014.jpg RV200405300015.jpg RV200405300016.jpg RV200405300017.jpg
RV200405310018.jpg RV200405310019.jpg RV200405310020.jpg RV200405310021.jpg
RV200405310022.jpg RV200405310023.jpg RV200406050001.jpg RV200406050002.jpg
RV200406050003.jpg RV200406050004.jpg RV200406050005.jpg RV200406050006.jpg
RV200406050008.jpg RV200406050009.jpg RV200406050010.jpg RV200406050011.jpg
RV200406050012.jpg RV200406050013.jpg

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